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FAO/UNEP/UN-Energy Bioenergy Decision Support Tool -
MODULE 4: Project Screening
Module 4: Project Screening
Government authorities are increasingly faced with decisions
on allocating land or granting operating licenses to bioenergy
investments, including those funded by international investors. If a
national strategy process has been completed, the assessment of
investments should be undertaken in line with priorities identifed
in the strategy (see: Evaluating Compatibility with Bioenergy
Strategy). Some countries or regions may be faced with bioenergy
investment proposals before they have had a chance to devise
a national strategy or to revise an older existing strategy. Project
level decisions can be quite relevant to national strategic priori-
ties, while at the same time the project can infuence strategy,
especially for large-scale or technically advanced projects.
In order to make an informed and responsible decision on
whether to go ahead with a particular investment project, on what
types of conditions to include in the eventual licence agree-
ment and/or how to structure and implement a publicly funded
bioenergy investment project, many of the same questions need
to be considered as those that are addressed in the bioenergy
strategy. But in this case, the questions are aimed at a concrete
and specifc proposal; some decision steps are defned and
guidance is given here on these questions (Figure 1). Every
country has legal and regulatory requirements for project appraisal
and licensing, and dedicated authorities with the relevant
decision-making powers; the decision processes proposed here
are intended to complement rather than replace such national
es be put in place in or
Can mitigation measur
der to
manage negative impacts?
If ‘YES’
If ‘NO’
If ‘NO’
What will be the likely
impacts on food insecurity?
What will be the likely
impacts on the environment?
What will be the likely social
and economic impacts?
No negative impacts
Some negative impacts
Define the project proposal:
Is the project in a high risk area?
Identify the stakeholders
Proceed only if
appropriate mitiga-
tion measures are
put in place
Have all relevant stakeholders concerns been addressed?
Have trade-offs been addressed in a transparent manner?
Is compensation being paid?
If ‘YES’
If ‘YES’
If ‘NO’
If ‘NO’
Revise and
Is the project financially viable including mitigation costs?
Figure 1: Decision Tree at project investment level