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FAO/UNEP/UN-Energy Bioenergy Decision Support Tool -
MODULE 8: Impacts
Will bioenergy development require new infrastructure? What would be
the cost implications? Would bioenergy development spur infrastructure
development that would beneft other economic sectors?
Does the proposed bioenergy production method(s) produce
co-products that are of value to other sectors?
What are the economic costs and benefts of bioenergy associated with
the expected environmental and social impacts?
Is the technology proposed adapted to national capacities? Is it freely
available or what are the costs related to intellectual property rights?
Will there be positive spillover effects from technological innovation to
other sectors? Can it become a growth motor for the country?
Have business models that help further development goals been
considered and are they promoted?
Micro level: local population
Dubois, 2008.
Is information on bioenergy projects made available to local population
in a timely fashion and through adequate channels?
• What information related to the use of local land and natural
resources is available to the local population, and how is it made
• Who has access to and can use this information?
What is the infuence of the local population on decisions made
regarding the use of local public or customary land and natural
• How is the local population represented in such decision making
processes and is it adequately represented?
• Who represents the local population?
• How are women, youth and vulnerable groups represented?
• Can the local population’s opinion strongly infuence decisions, and
if so, how much and in what way?
What action can local population take in case of bad performance of
local government/local line agencies/economic operators?
• Does the local population have access to adequate legal recourse/
confict resolution mechanisms?
• Does the local population have any means to express its
assessment of performance of local governments/local line
agencies/economic operators? If so which ones?
• To what extend is the assessment of performance by the local
population taken into account in revising development decisions
and project implementation
How easy is it for local population to organise itself
• Do citizens have the right and support to organise?
• Can citizen’s groups and organisations easily attain legal
Meso level: Local government/local line agencies
UNDP, 2010. A Users’ Guide to
Measuring Local Governance.
Does the local government have enough decision making and fnancial
• Are local authorities elected or appointed by the central