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FAO/UNEP/UN-Energy Bioenergy Decision Support Tool -
MODULE 9: Tools and Resources
This section provides some references and resources that can be useful for decision-makers, planners, researchers and offcials
concerned with bioenergy strategies and projects. These references and resources include guidebooks, handbooks, software tools,
technical databases, models or modelling frameworks, impact assessment tools, technical standards and sustainability certifcation
This section does NOT include scientifc references, books, reports and publications that are of a more general nature
Year: refers to the most recent update or edition.
Geographical coverage: generally refers to the highest level of coverage, i.e. global may include some regional and local coverage,
depending on the topic.
Advancing Bioenergy for Sustainable Development – Guideline for Policymakers and Investors, Vol I-III
Author Energy Sector Management Assistance Project (ESMAP)
Topic Policy Design
Type Guidelines Geographical Coverage Global
Target audience/ users Decision makers or their advisors (Non-expert)
The intent of the report is to provide non-experts with background information and support to
promote bioenergy for sustainable rural development, especially in developing countries. The report
provides guidance on bioenergy project design and implementation for policymakers, investors,
entrepreneurs and other actors. Volume I provides an overview of biomass energy – potentials,
opportunities and challenges. Volume II provides methodologies for resource assessments and a
discussion of bioenergy technologies. Volume III provides nine concise profles of bioenergy projects
Publisher World Bank
The Biomass Assessment Handbook – Bioenergy for a Sustainable Environment
Author Rosillo-Calle, Frank; de Groot, Peter; Hemstock, Sarah L.; Woods, Jeremy
Topic Techno-economic analysis
Type Handbook Geographical Coverage Global
Target audience/ users Non-expert
The handbook is intended to provide a practical, common methodology for measuring and
recording the consumption and supply of biomass energy. It mainly emphasises traditional bioenergy
use, but also modern uses are also considered. It provides guidance on how to measure biomass
potential, volume of trees and biomass fows etc.
Publisher Earthscan, London