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FAO/UNEP/UN-Energy Bioenergy Decision Support Tool -
MODULE 9: Tools and Resources
Sustainable Agriculture Network (SAN)
Author Sustainable Agriculture Network (SAN)
Food and agriculture, land resources, sustainability
criteria/ standards
Guidelines/ best
Geographical Coverage Latin America, Asia, Africa
Target audience/ users
The Sustainable Agriculture Network (SAN) is a coalition of leading conservation groups in Brazil,
Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras and Mexico, with a watchdog
group in Denmark and many associated academic, agriculture and social responsibility groups
around the world. The SAN seeks to transform the environmental and social conditions of tropical
agriculture through the implementation of sustainable farming practices. The Secretariat of SAN
serves as the standard-setter of the SAN, developing criteria for responsible farm management,
and is supported by the Rainforest Alliance. The certifcation body, Sustainable Farm Certifcation,
International certifes farms that comply with SAN standards, and those farms are awarded the
Rainforest Alliance Certifed seal of approval. Inspection bodies, typically local NGOs, are authorized
by Sustainable Farm Certifcation, International to provide audit services for farmers and agricultural
companies in their respective countries. Inspection bodies also offer their knowledge and experience
to help continually refne and develop the Sustainable Agriculture standard.
Publisher Sustainable Agriculture Network
Criteria and Indicators:
IEA Task 40. Sustainable International Bioenergy Trade
IEA Bioenergy
Topic Techno-economic
Sourcebook Geographical Coverage Global
Target audience/ users
Objective 2: Sustainability and certifcation: To determine how the sustainability of biomass supplies,
use and trade can be secured optimally and effciently, in particular from a market perspective, with
specifc attention for the impacts of certifcation/verifcation on international biomass and biofuels