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FAO/UNEP/UN-Energy Bioenergy Decision Support Tool -
MODULE 9: Tools and Resources
The Council on Sustainable Biomass Production (CSBP)
Author The Council on Sustainable Biomass Production (CSBP)
Techno-economic, technology, sustainability certifcation/
Type Guidelines Geographical Coverage Global
Target audience/ users Practitioners, organizations
CSBP is a multi-stakeholder organization established in 2007 to develop comprehensive voluntary
sustainability standards for the production of biomass and its conversion to bioenergy. CSBP
intends for its Standard to serve as the foundation for an independent third-party certifcation
program, which will set the emerging bioenergy industry on a course of continuous improvement.
The CSBP enjoys participation from growers, environmental and social interests and all sectors of
the industry. All members support the goals and objectives of the program.
Publisher CSBP
CSBP draft standard:
The Green Gold Label
Author The Green Gold Label (GGL)
Topic Sustainability certifcation/ standards
Type Guidelines Geographical Coverage Global
Target audience/ users
The Green Gold Label (GGL) programme is a certifcate system for sustainable biomass, with
Control Union Certifcations as an independent third-party certifcation body. GGL is registered
and owned by the independent Green Gold Label Foundation, which is responsible for criteria and
for the communication with stakeholders. GGL covers production, processing, transport and fnal
energy transformation, thus, GGL offers standards for specifc parts of the supply chain, as well as
standards for the supply chain as a whole (track&trace). GGL has been operational since 2001 as
the global certifcate for sustainable biomass.
Publisher GGL
Introducing the International Bioenergy Platform (IBEP)
Author Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the UN
Topic All
Type Guidelines, handbook Geographical Coverage Global
Target audience/ users
The International Bioenergy Platform (IBEP) is being presented to the international community in
the energy, agriculture and environment sectors as a mechanism for organizing and facilitating a
multidisciplinary and global approach. IBEP is expected to provide analysis and information for
policy and decision-making support; to build and strengthen institutional capacity at all levels; to
enhance access to energy services from sustainable bioenergy systems; and to facilitate opportuni-
ties for effective international exchange and collaboration.
Publisher FAO